GOLD Nail Nipper - M-555 (Hard Steel)


IMPECCABLE 16-SIZE JAW FOR POWERFUL TRIMMING: Discover the power of M-555's 16-size jaw, tailored for trimming the hardest nail and removing acrylic nails. Embrace salon-quality nails right at your fingertips.

EMBRACE OPULENCE WITH A LUSTROUS GOLD PLATED FINISH: Experience elegance and sophistication with the M-555's opulent gold plated finish. Redefine your nail care tools with a touch of grandeur while ensuring precise and accurate cutting for a professional manicure.

EFFORTLESS SINGLE SPRING MECHANISM FOR SEAMLESS TRIMMING: Unveil the convenience of the M-555's single spring mechanism. Enjoy smooth and consistent opening and closing motion, streamlining your nail trimming process and saving you valuable time. Embrace luxury nail care at a budget-friendly price!

SHARP & CONSISTENT: The sharp blades of the cuticle nipper are hand sharpened by highly skilled machinists and go through many quality checks to ensure consistency and avoid defects. The finely hand-filed ultra-thin eagle mouth shape blades are guaranteed to cut through the skin surface perfectly. 

TRENDING NAIL TECH NIPPER: Stay ahead of the trends with the M-555 Cuticle Nipper, a popular choice among nail enthusiasts and professionals for achieving impeccable salon-quality results.

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Lilliana Rivera Ramos

Super comfortable and easy to work on nails and ingrowns