Premium Cuticle Nipper - D-05X (Stainless Steel)


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SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION: Crafted with premium stainless steel, the D-05X Cuticle Nipper ensures exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to rust, offering a reliable tool for all your cuticle trimming needs.

PRECISION CUTTING FOR FLAWLESS CUTICLES: Experience effortless precision with the sharp jaw design, allowing you to trim cuticles, hangnails, and dead skin around the nails with utmost accuracy, giving you impeccably groomed nails.

ROUND BOX JOINT FOR SMOOTH OPERATION: The D-05X Cuticle Nipper is superior to other nippers because it is designed with round box join. Different from lap joints, a round box join allows smoother movement and reduces friction between laps when opening and closing.

GREY PLATED JAW OPTIONS: Choose from three jaw sizes (12, 14, or 16) to cater to your specific preferences and nail care requirements, allowing you to achieve the perfect cut for your nails.

SINGLE SPRING MECHANISM FOR EASY HANDLING: Equipped with a reliable single spring mechanism, the nipper allows for effortless control and smooth, consistent opening and closing, ensuring a comfortable and efficient grip.