Cuticle Nipper - D-08 (Stainless Steel)


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SINGLE  SPRING MECHANISM: Equipped with a double spring mechanism, the D-08 Cuticle Nipper offers enhanced control and a smooth, consistent opening and closing motion, making nail trimming effortless.

CUSTOMIZABLE JAW SIZES: Choose from three jaw sizes (12, 14, or 16) to achieve personalized precision and meet your specific nail care requirements, ensuring beautifully groomed nails every time.

GREY PLATED JAW FOR STYLE AND FUNCTION: The stainless steel of this nail nipper is finished with a grey plated layer that amplifies its elegance and luxury outlook. This nipper is designed to fit in most hand shapes and sizes. 

SUITABLE FOR PROFESSIONALS AND HOME USE: Whether you're a nail technician or a DIY enthusiast, the D-08 Cuticle Nipper is designed for all skill levels, providing salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home.

SHARP & CONSISTENT: The sharp blades of the cuticle nipper are hand sharpened by highly skilled machinists and go through many quality checks to ensure consistency and avoid defects. The finely hand-filed ultra-thin eagle mouth shape blades are guaranteed to cut through the skin surface perfectly.