Men Compacted Nail Kit - GREY


ON-THE-GO GROOMING: Tailored for the modern man on the move, this kit includes a large nail clipper, nose hair scissors, and eyebrows tweezers, ensuring you're impeccably groomed wherever you go. 

QUALITY & CONSISTENT: The sharp blades of the cuticle nipper are hand sharpened by highly skilled machinists and go through many quality checks to ensure consistency and avoid defects. The finely hand-filed ultra-thin eagle mouth shape blades are guaranteed to cut through the skin surface perfectly.

SLEEK GREY ELEGANCE: Elevate your grooming routine with this chic grey kit. Its compact design adds a touch of sophistication to your travels and ensures your style is always on point.

GROOMING ESSENTIAL: Slip this tweezer and nail clipper set into your daily routine with ease, ensuring your grooming standards are consistently impeccable. Elevate your grooming game with the Men Compacted Nail Kit.

PERFECT GIFT AND FUNCTIONAL: Embrace style and functionality with the Mini-02 Women Compact Kit. Designed with boxing and paper bags, the GS-03 is made for gifting, perfect for any occasion and holiday.  Consider these nail clipper sets with case to be the perfect gift for men.