Advance Self-Collecting Nail Clipper - B.916 (Stainless Steel)


Color: Pink


SHARP & PRECISE NAIL CARE: Achieve clean and precise cuts with the NGHIA B-916C XL Nail Clipper.. The sharpness will prevent the cutting edges from tearing and splitting 

CARBON STEEL DURABILITY: Crafted from high-quality carbon steel, this nail clipper is built to last. Experience exceptional strength and longevity, ensuring a reliable nail grooming tool for years to come.

SELF-COLLECTING DESIGN: Say goodbye to nail clippings scattered around. The innovative self-collecting feature ensures easy cleanup, keeping your space tidy and saving you time.

LARGE JAW SIZE: Designed for optimal versatility, this nail clipper features a large jaw size, making it perfect for various nail types and sizes, ensuring a hassle-free trimming experience.

CURVED BLADE & ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The curved blade ensures consistent and even round cuts, allowing you to achieve a polished look with every use, giving your nails the perfect shape and length. Say goodbye to uneven round edges and hello to well-groomed nails. The NGHIA B-916C XL features an ergonomic design for comfortable handling. Effortlessly achieve professional-looking nails at home or on the go.

GREY PLATED ELEGANCE: Featuring a sleek grey plated finish with vibrant green accents, the B.916C-XL adds a touch of elegance to your grooming routine. Make a stylish statement with every use.

TRUSTED BRAND: NGHIA, a trusted name in nail care, brings you the B-916C XLNail Clipper. Count on reliable performance and superior quality for your nail care routine.

Buy 2 B.916, Get 1 Hand Mask

Customer Reviews

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No More Cleaning

It's so nice that it catches everything. Now I don't have to sweep the floor after I cut my nails and I don't have to step on my husband's toenails anymore!