GOLD Cuticle Nipper - D-05V (Stainless Steel)


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EXQUISITE GOLD PLATED DESIGN: Elevate your nail care routine with a touch of luxury. The D-05V Cuticle Nipper features an exquisite gold plated jaw, adding a touch of elegance to your nail grooming experience.

PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the D-05V Cuticle Nipper ensures outstanding durability, resistance to rust, and long-lasting performance for precise nail care.

ACHIEVE FLAWLESS NAILS: Experience precision cutting at its finest. The sharp jaw design allows you to effortlessly trim cuticles, hangnails, and dead skin around your nails, ensuring impeccably groomed nails every time.

ROUND BOX JOINT FOR SMOOTH HANDLING: The D-05V Cuticle Nipper is superior to other nippers because it is designed with round box join. Different from lap joints, a round box join allows smoother movement and reduces friction between laps when opening and closing.

CHOOSE YOUR JAW SIZE: Tailor your nail care to perfection. Select from three jaw sizes (12, 14, or 16) to achieve personalized precision and meet your specific nail care requirements with ease.

Customer Reviews

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Chung Luu
Very good nipper.

By far this is the best cuticle nipper I’ve ever had.